Hello! I’m Brittany Druker. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a bunch of great ads, but the best thing I’ve done is have my daughter, Vivi. She’s happy and smiley and just the best. And I’m certain she and my dog Conan will be best friends one day, despite how certain he is that they won’t be.

When you work in advertising and you have a kid, you have a lot of free time. So, I’ve also started up my own macaron-baking side business called The Weekly Mac. It started out as a fun project, but the demand was so high that it made sense to start selling them for realsies. You can learn more about it in its own section of my portfolio, or get straight to the point and go order yourself some of my fancy cookies here.

Feel free to say hi: britdruker@gmail.com.